Onnetsu Therapy: Effects of Far Infrared and Terahertz Vibration for various Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Diseases

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Introduction: What is Onnetsu Therapy?

Onnetsu means “Comfortable Heat” in Japanese. Onnetsu Therapy: Is this Hyperthermia? Acupuncture without Needles? Moxibustion without Smoke and Smell? NO. Not one of these alone. It is new, completely harmless Holistic Healing methods involving:

  1. VIBRATIONS of Far Infrared and Terahertz combination=Frequency Medicine
  2. HEAT
  4. SMOOTH FLOW (of blood, lymph, energy etc)

The therapy can improve, or remove, any negative symptoms on the cellular level. It promotes the Patient’s own healing power.


We use the newly invented Onnetsuki Device, and Onnetsu Mat (Both Patents worldwide pending). These tools are used to apply on the skin of the body all over, first on the SPINE, then affected areas. Counting the length of time with certain pressure, which gives HEAT and VIBRATIONS deep inside the body. The patient’s reaction is vital. Whereas heathy areas of the body are very comfortable, when the Onnetsuki is put on the surface of the skin above where the unhealthy cells are, the Patient’s reaction is “HOT” or “OUCH”. This is the area we can identify where degenerated cells deep inside are. This area is colder in temperature and the cold energy is emerging onto the surface of the skin. Therefore, the patient feels the heat. The breathing methods are necessary to bear the heat. And eventually, the “Ouch” reaction subsides. The Therapy usually takes about 40- 60 minutes. For Cancers, we do this every day for minimum of three weeks.

Patients Reaction of “Ouch”:


Negative, cold spots to treat:

We slide Onnetsuki on Patient’s skin to look for the “Ouch” Spots which are the unhealthy cold spots. We start on the Spine down little by little, counting 2 counts on each second. When Patients say “OUCH”, we immediately take off the Onnetsuki from the skin. Then the “Ouch” sensation instantly should subside. The less the count is the colder cells are. When we find the “Ouch” spot(s) we go back to the spot treating repeatedly, gradually increasing the number of counts, using the special breathing technique. The Patient can gradually tolerate the heat. We go back up to the count of 10 (5 seconds) but never exceed total of 30 counts on the same spot. At this point, the Heat and Vibrations of Far- Infrared & Terahertz reaches unhealthy cells deep inside and Healing starts.

Results: The following are recent examples of Onnetsu Therapy results

(A) Dr Kazuko’s recent Breast Cancer Case Story:

On June 25, 2018. The person (Female, Age 69) came, being rejected by hospitals as “Incurable”.

She only had 2-3 days left. We started administering the Onnetsu Therapy on her back, as the front was untouchable. The size of cancer was about 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter, about the size of a melon. It was hanging down from the breast with tremendous odor. We did the spine treatments 6 times per week from her back. We have no photo of the first day. When Lymphocytes started to increase in about 2 weeks, her condition improved. Major part of lump fell off in about 2 weeks.

Date Neutrophils Lymphocytes

July 2, 2018

Neutrophils: 80.5%

Lymphocytes: 6.6%

Aug 9, 2018

Neutrophils: 69.7%

Lymphocytes: 14.8%

Sep 7, 2018

Neutrophils: 65.3%

Lymphocytes: 15.1%


The patient started feeling better after 14 days. Her half of the Cancer lump fell off and appetite recovered. The patient also slept on the Dr Kazuko’s Onnetsu Mat every night which kept certain heat inside the body. She slept on “High or 5 = 48°C” for 30 minutes then reduce the heat to 1=38°C or 2. For cancer patients, Mat is indispensable as their body are always cold. Lying on the mat is like getting treatments constantly. Being an orthodox Jew, no supplement was given. Patient received no other treatment.

We chased and looked for Cancer Cells’ every day by searching for the new hot spots, according to our Meridian Therapy. Some metastasis places were detected and treated.

(B) Stage 4 Melanoma patient (Male)

Dr Zertucha’s photos June 12, 2013 Cuba (one week after Onnetsu treatment started) and June 27 (3 weeks after daily treatments). Patient is doing very well as of 2018.


Discussion: Explanation

We can explain the above therapy from the four different angles as I explained before:

  1. VIBRATIONS=Frequencies of Far Infrared and Terahertz combined
  2. HEAT
  4. SMOOTH FLOW (of blood, lymph, energy etc.)

The therapy can improve, or remove, any negative symptoms from the cellular level. It promotes personal Immunity and healing power.

1) 波動と光 Vibrations from Universe, Sun and Minerals from Deep Earth, and Light: Frequency Resonance Medicine

Sun Light of Vibration is precisely 8-10μ. Far-Infra Red Radiation and Terahertz Vibration from minerals from deep Planet Earth: This is a new Frequency Therapy, using the Resonances of objects.
A soprano singer can shatter glass with her sharp and pure concentrated tone. How can this vibration can destroy an object, such as a Champagne glass?

Raymond Rife in 1920’s-30’s used this theory to produce a machine to destroy microorganisms with resonant frequency or vibration.

Far Infa-red Sun Ray

Far Infrared SunRay is known to give a comfortable warmth to the body. NASA announced it already in 1960s, and again in a study in 1981 that infrared rays of 2 – 25μ of wavelength in the sunlight are necessary to maintain and give growth to life. Further, 4~14μ of Far Infrared radiation is indispensable for a living body’s metabolism, rejuvenation, healing, growth, upbringing, making heat energy to occur by a resonance action with cell molecules in a human body.

Dr. Kazuko adopts the most effective area, only 8-10μ of Far Infrared radiation.


The making of Therapeutic Ceramic of Far Infrared by Dr. Kazuko

Material is selected from mineral group such as Iron, Silicone, Aluminum, Titanium, Manganese, Calcium, Anadem, Zirconium, Potassium, Strontium, Rubidium, Zinc, Copper, Platinum and baked together to make a special ceramic (Patented), which is used for Onnetsu Device, Onnetsu Mat and other Dr Kazuko’s products.

Terahertz quantum wave THz (10/12):

What causes a method of success in ancient oriental modality such as Qigong? There are healers who can cure illness with Qigong even today. A team of scholars and doctors in Japan tried to elucidate this scientifically from a simple question: What kind of ingredients is this Ki energy of healers is made of? What are the vibrations, or frequencies?

  • From these studies, we have learned that this ‘Ki energy’ is composed of complicated waves within the frequency of THz (terahertz) band: (10/12) since the frequency of this complex wave (Ki energy) existed in the THz (terahertz) band, this special energy has come to be called ‘terahertz wave or terahertz quantum wave’.
  • More than ten years ago in Japan, technologies to artificially make this Terahertz wave, and to measure Terahertz waves in nature were accomplished. Substances such as minerals (e.g. volcano rocks from the Aso Mountain) that emit these Terahertz waves were discovered. Much research has been done since.

The surprising effect of Terahertz wave has since been further researched by many scholars of fields such as medicine, engineering, physics etc. and has finally come to be recognized in recent years in Japan. Because the Terahertz wave vibrates together and resonates with normal human cells (healthy cells), it has a very high antioxidant effect, and it starts working removal of waste such as active oxygen generated from the disorder of stress, unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. It can activate cells deep in the body and can create an environment where abnormal cells (malignant tumor etc.) cannot live. Dr. Kazuko’s Platinum Onnetsuki, with Far-Infrared ray and Terahertz waves resonates into cells with great speed and with precision like sharp long needle.

Although this technology will still take time to be developed, recognized and accepted in the field of medicine, Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura, through her Onnetsu Therapy, was the first to incorporate this outstanding technology of Terahertz waves and Far-Infrared vibrations into the world of medicine.

Creation of Terahertz quantum wave:

Purity 99.99% Terahertz. Realization of component production.


Terahertz rock 1Kg → Only several drops of Terahertz ceramics can be produced. Also, just as Gold has quality such as 18, 24 carats etc., Terahertz generates different grades


Maximum activation of far infrared rays and terahertz waves > Far infrared, terahertz powder is made to become ceramic. By adding other substances to this, it is possible to maximize its effect by synergistic effect.


The Applicability of Far Infrared Ray and Terahertz quantum waves; Combination

We have succeeded in further increasing the effectiveness of the Terahertz material by combining a certain amount with the most beneficial wavelength of the Far Infrared rays (8-10μ).
Far infrared rays are indispensable for maintaining life in healing, rejuvenating, but by combining with Terahertz, Far infrared waves penetrate deeper into the cellular tissues of the body and can make the healing faster and more effective.

Far Infa-red Heat


Far Infa-red Sun Ray (Wave Length 8-10μ)




Far Infa-red Sun Ray and Terahertz Wavelengths vibrate in similar

What does Terahertz do?

The Terahertz frequency vibration acts as a carrier of the Far Infrared and the Heat so that it can faster reach the affected and unhealthy parts of the human body that the device is treating. The Terahertz frequency vibration carries Far-Infrared and Heat much deeper inside of the body to the water molecules at an amazing speed and accuracy. The present invention’s device and method creates Heat at a temperature of 70 C. and 8-10μ of Far Infrared radiation, which, according to Nasa, the most effective Healing and rejuvenating area of Sun Ray, both of which are carried by the Terahertz vibration deep inside the human body up to 30 cm or up to 12 inches deep.

The Dr Kazuko’s present invention: Platinum Onnetsuki; 8-10μ of Far Infrared energy and Terahertz (THz) vibrations. Combined Ceramic. There have been no untoward effects reported with Far Infrared energy on pacemaker and other implants. Far Infrared does not get absorbed into inorganic material but it rather reflects itself back. Regular HEAT warms the material from the surface, but Far Infrared warms from the inside out. Regular Heat warms only surface of material, but Far Infrared together with Terahertz reaches deeper into the human body. Far Infrared and Terahertz vibrations together are absorbed and start to activate movements in water molecules in the body and, as a result, it creates some heat within. Deeper than 30 cm (about 12 inches).

2)熱 HEAT: Importance of BodyTemperature:

“Those who cannot be cured by medicine may be cured by surgery. Those who cannot be cured by surgery may be cured by heat. Those who cannot be cured by heat are to be considered incurable.”

…Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC)

Japanese concept of Inner body Temperature:

Japanese believed for centuries that unhealthy cells are cold and temperature must be raised. Exposing the inner body to heat has been a traditional way. Moxibustion has been a major therapy for practically all ailments. Cancer cells die at 42°C (109°F) and strive at 35°C (95°F). Immunity also suffers 50%-100%, if body is one degree lower. Japanese has culture and customs in daily lives for warming up and maintaining inner body heat; taking hot baths daily, drinking warm tea often, warming the feet and ankles (rather than head). In the rest of the world however, one takes showers only to clean the body. In Japan, taking bath daily has another Important purpose; warming the inner body. To take a therapeutic warm bath with ginger, or salt could reduce the epidemic of prostate cancer, or female problems such as fibroid tumors. Stress also contributes to lower body temperature, especially in the lower extremities. All heat and stress energy accumulate mostly in upper body compromising lower body. This is “Ofuro” (hot Bath) Culture; “Onnsen” (Hot Spring Cure) is extremely helpful for Health as you have heat, and Terahertz energy from deep earth.

Patients Reaction of “Ouch”:


Negative, cold spots to treat:

We slide Onnetsuki on Patient’s skin to look for the “Ouch” Spots which are the unhealthy cold spots. We start on the Spine down little by little, counting 2 counts on each second. When Patients say “OUCH”, we immediately take off the Onnetsuki from the skin. Then the “Ouch” sensation instantly should subside. The less the count is the colder cells are. When we find the “Ouch” spot(s) we go back to the spot treating repeatedly, gradually increasing the number of counts, using the special breathing technique. The Patient can gradually tolerate the heat. We go back up to the count of 10 (5 seconds) but never exceed total of 30 counts on the same spot. At this point, the Heat and Vibrations of Far- Infrared & Terahertz reaches unhealthy cells deep inside and Healing starts.

3)平衡 BALANCE:Modern medical science of Immunology:

“When in sickness, look to the spine first” …Hippocrates

Looking for unhealthy organs through the Spine. Balancing Ying and Yang in your body functions. Balancing Autonomic Nervous System: Ying and Yang. Parasympathetic Nervous and Sympathetic Nervous. Balance through Spine treatment. Immune Enhancement.

Dr. Toru Abos in regards to Connection of ANS activity and White Blood Cells:


  • In a healthy Individual, the correct percentages of WBC (white blood cell count) should be:

    Granulocyte: 60%, Lymphocytes: 35%, Macrophages: 5%

  • Any significant changes decreasing in lymphocytes percentages will decrease immunity. Increasing in Lymphocytes will increase immunity

  • Granulocytes increase when the Sympathetic Nervous System is dominant (SND). An excessive Granulocyte count will lead to diseases that damage tissues of the body- Autoimmune disorders may result in diseases such as cancer.

  • Lymphocytes increase when the Parasympathetic Nervous System is dominant (PND). An excessive Lymphocyte count will lead to diseases such as allergic diseases and a hyper-active immunity

  • Too much stress leads to one situation (SND). Too much relaxation leads to another situation (PND).

  • ANS Imbalance may be also due to dietary and lifestyle factors.

  • But even the above ideal ratio exists, if body temperature is low, it can not necessarily maintain a healthy immune system. 

Progress of “lady a’s” recovery from stage 4 mutiple cancers:

As Observed by Monitoring Her Blood Tests just before starting, and after 2 and 4 weeks of Onnetsu Therapy, during which time the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Functions of the Autonomic Nervous System were more closely balanced (Table 1).

White Blood
Cell Differential


Lady ‘A’ 08/30/2004
(at start)

Lady ‘A’ 09/14/2004
(After 2 weeks)

Lady ‘A’ 09/20/2004
(After 3 weeks)
















4) 流 Relationships of Organs and Flows between them:

Four flows of energy:

  1. Blood flow, blood stasis
  2. Flow of Oxygen
  3. Fluid flow (lymph)
  4. Ki(Chi) flow

The theory of Yin and Yang, and Five elements theory in relationship of organs and the flow between.

Yin and Yang theory of Opposite Factors:

The Pair Organs – Yin & Yang Organs influences each other: When find troubled organ, one must always examine other pair organs to look for “HOT” spots.

Liver (yin) – Gallbladder (yang)
Heart (yin) – Small Intestine (yang)
Spleen (yin) – Stomach (yang)
Lung (yin) – Large Intestine (yang)
Kidney (yin) – Bladder (yang)

Five Element Theory in Nature (wood-fire-earth-metal-water):

Ten Major Organs are paired into five, and their energy flow through whole body. The energy flows between them in pairs:

Liver/gallbladder heart/small intestine spleen/stomach lung/large intestine kidney/bladder and goes back to back to liver/gallbladder.

How does Onnetsu Therapy work?

Onnetsu Meridian Therapy: The Three Aspects:

  • Onnetsu Therapy is like modern version of classical Japanese Moxibustion without the burning of Moxa smoke and smell, and it acts like acupuncture without needles.
  • Onnetsu balances the Autonomic Nervous System, and boosts ones inner Healing Ability.
  • Onnetsu Therapy detects the location of unhealthy cells deep inside the body with vibrations of Far Infra-Red energy, Terahertz wave, and Heat. It coincides ORT’S negative points. This shows up as “Hot Spot” but actually is “Cold degenerated spot”.

Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu Therapy Tools:

  • Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu Therapy, Far Infra-Red and Terahertz and Heat: Together with Dr. Kazuko’s unique technique, this is a method of treatment to increase the natural healing power and is effective for all illness.
  • It is known from many examples of treatments that, Onnetsu methods is effective to improve various symptoms, decay of cancer cells, and other ‘so called’ difficult diseases such as: damaged parts of the body like bruises, stiff shoulders, back/joint pain, aging muscle etc.
  • Dr Kazuko’s Onnetsuki and Onnetsu Mat have applied for design registration and international patent applications.

Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu Mat Far Infrared & Terahertz


Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu Mat Far Infrared & Terahertz, same ingredients as Onnetsuki. The mat carries controller for temperature and timer. 4 different sizes.

Latest model: Dr. Kazuko’s platinum Onnetsuki


Latest model: Dr. Kazuko’s platinum Onnetsuki with vibrations of Far Infra-Red and Terahertz. Non- ferrous Metallic. Mirror finish, Heat & time controller, International adaptor and Sarashi cottons.


Dr. Kazuko has taught Onnetsu Therapy to MDs and health practitioners over the past decades. Some countries especially, Peru, Cuba, Mexico are utilizing and experimenting this therapy in the hospitals and clinics. Clinical Trials have shown improvements on asthma, cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis and various pain conditions. Clinical studies in hospitals and Clinic in Cuba, Mexico, Peru and other countries are available and ongoing. The method is totally natural, noninvasive, and harmless, without any side effect. It is now used very successfully in many countries in Hospitals and Clinics.

Dr Kazuko teaches Onnetsu Therapy method:
Basic courses 1 & 2 and Advance courses 1, 2, 3.
Certificates are given as Onnetsu therapist after these courses and reports.


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