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Onnetsu Far Infra Red Thermotherapy & Training

I appreciate deeply your participation. With this course, you will be able to help many others who are suffering. Each NCCAOM COURSE offers 18 continuing education credits. Total Certification program cost runs between $1,800~$2250 including the basic knowledge of acupuncture and holistic & eastern medicine.  When you finish all courses and required 36 hours of apprenticeship, you’ll receive certificates to become Onnetsu Thermotherapist.

 BASIC LEVELS (18 points @$450)

  1. What is Onnetsu: Theory and explanation with Power Point
  2. Meditation and other mind practices that support healing.
  3. Immunity Enhancement: Onnetsu Fundamental Treatment: Spine treatment,
  4. Balancing autonomic nervous system: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
  5. Use of Onnetsuki: Identifying for “Hot Spot” and dealing with it.
  6. Back: A, B, C, head. Front: hara, chest, neck, face. Sides: leg, foot, arm, hand

 ADVANCE LEVELS (Usually 4 levels 18x4points)@$450 each

  1. Review of Basic Course and
  2. O-Ring Test, Basic, to determine intake of supplements for optimal dosage
  3. The Human Body as a whole, The Upper and lower limbs,
  4. The Abdominal region, The Thorax, the Head and Neck: Function of Organs
  5. KI’ flow IN OUR BODY: Yin and Yang theory and our PAIR organs
  6. Meridian channels
  7. Five Element Theories and its application to Onnetsu Therapy
  8. Technique of dealing for Deficiency and Excess
  9. Endocrine Grands (Hormones) and their relations
  10. Application of Onnetsu Therapy for Various Diseases 

Onnetsu Thermotherapy has been used successfully for such problems as(partial list);

Arthritis Elimination Pain Relief
Arrhythmia Eye Problems Parasites
Asthma Facials Parkinson’s
Atopic Dermatitis Fibroids Pneumonia
Autonomic Imbalance Heart Problems Prostate / Bladder
Brain Problems Hemorrhoids Respiratory
Blood Pressure Hepatitis Scoliosis
Bone Problem Herpes Spinal Problems
Cancer ( Various ) Insomnia Strokes
Cardiac Arrhythmia Kidney Problem Thyroid Problems
Cold Liver Disorders TMJ
Detox Lung Diseases Tuberculosis
Diabetes Lyme Diseases Tumors
Digestive Problems Melanoma Ulcerative Colitis
Dizziness Multiple Sclerosis Women’s Problems
Ear problems Nerve Problems

Dr Kazuko_typeA - TM

To Dear Participants of the Onnetsu Thermotherapy

I appreciate deeply your participation. The Onnetsu Thermotherapy uses special Sun Light energies and does not just depends on mundane, physical, three-dimensional technique. Onnetsuki is NOT a normal electric tool or gadget but miraculous healing medium.

The healer (and Patient too) must be able to tap into and connect directly with Energy of the Universe, which is similar to healing energy of Shinkiko (divine healing vibration), Reiki, Chi-gong and Ki of Ki masters, etc. One must cultivate this personal connection through deep meditation and acquire special mind-heart attitude of higher dimensions.

No disease is incurable: We are born with the Power of Self-Healing. For a small cut on your finger, the body normally heals itself in days- regenerating new cells as soon as the cut is noticed by your system. If you twist your ankle, it swells as your body rushes blood there for healing. The same principle prevails for any problems. We just have to know the way to cooperate with this remarkable Natural Self-Healing Power we all possess. Onnetsu Therapy can promote this: your own healing power. You start healing yourself. And amazing thing can happen!

We recommend beginning with Onnetsu Thermotherapy once a day for 3 successive days, because often your inner-body temperature is too cold to support easy healing. When self-healing starts you may become naturally more tired because you start using both Onnetsu and your own energies. If you do not get too tired, you can have even two Onnetsu sessions a day.

Don’t take bath, shower or do exercise, following an Onnetsu session.

It is important to keep this healing energy and heat undisturbed within your body for at least 10-12 hours.

Refrain from asking the following very common questions:
How many times?? How long??? How often?? Focus on healing. Onnetsu thermotherapy targets each problem very individually. Everyone, every case and every situation is different and unique. Each patient is different depending on his problem and the condition of his mental attitude, his physical situations and habits.

Questions and comments during class should be held till the break time or until a teacher designates the time for them. Do not use your prior knowledge to judge or say “I know this”. Be always open minded and listen words by words ”AS IS”.

Our Remaining Onnetsu Classes in 2019

Nov. 23 (Sat) Basic 10am – 4pm
Nov. 24 (Sun) Basic 9am – 2 pm
Nov. 24 (Sun) Advance Level I 2pm – 6pm
Nov. 30 (Sat) Basic 10am – 4pm
Dec. 01 (Sun) Basic 9am – 2pm
Dec. 01 (Sun) Advance Level I 2pm – 6pm
Dec. 08 (Sun) Advance level II 1pm – 6pm

Seats are extremely limited as classes are very small.
Register at 212-799-9711 or Contact us here

Show Past Events

Events in 2019 (Tentative)

Jul 15-16 Keynote & Workshop at Global Oncologist Meet, Yokohama, Japan
Jul 20 Onnetsu Training, NY
Jul 29-30 Keynote & Workshop at International Conference on Cancer Science, Amsterdam
Aug 19-21 Keynote & Workshop at Global Conference on Cancer and Therapeutic Approaches, Dubai
Sep 23-25 Keynote & Workshop at 3rd Edition of International Cancer Conference, London
Oct 24-27 3rd World Congress Onnetsu Therapy, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Events in 2017 (Tentative)

Jan 14-15 Onnetsu Training, NY
Feb 18-19 Onnetsu Training, NY
Mar 25-26 Onnetsu Training, NY
Apr 15-16 Onnetsu Training, NY
May 20-21 Onnetsu Training, NY
Jun 17-18 Onnetsu Training, NY
Jul 15-16 Onnetsu Training, NY
Aug 19-20 Onnetsu Training, NY
Sep 16-17 Onnetsu Training, NY
Oct 21-22 Onnetsu Training, NY
Nov 18-19 Onnetsu Training, NY
Dec 16-17 Onnetsu Training, NY

Events in 2016 (Tentative)

Feb. 6-7 Onnetsu Training, NY
Mar 5-6 Onnetsu Training, NY
Mar 6-24 Japan
Mar 11-13 Onnetsu Training, Japan
Mar 17-18 Lecture, Japan (TBD)
Mar 25-27 New Life Expo,  NY
Apr.2-3 Onnetsu Training, NY
May 7-8 Onnetsu Training, NY
Jun. 3-21 Japan
Jun 4-5 Onnetsu Training, Japan
Jun 16-17 Lecture, Japan (TBD)
Jul. 9-10 Onnetsu Training, NY
Sep 9-27 Japan
Sep 10-11 Onnetsu Therapy & Training, Japan
Sep 15-16 Lecture Japan (TBD)
Nov 12-13 Onnetsu Training, NY – Sat- Sun
Dec 17-18 Onnetsu Training, NY – Sat- Sun

Events in the Fall 2015

Aug 18-23 Fernando Montoto Okido Seminars, NY
Aug 28-Sep 3 Teaching & Lecture, Convention, Peru
Sep 5-8 Cancer Control Society Convention, LA
Sep 5-7 Onnetsu Training, LA
Sep 07 Lecture at Convention, LA
Sep 08 Doctors symposium, LA
Sep 11-12 Onnetsu Therapy & Training, Tokyo
Sep 15- 26 India – Inauguration Orphanage Manjushree Academic building
Oct 2-3 Onnetsu Training, NY
Oct 16-18 New Life Expo – Pennsylvania Hotel, NY
Oct 19-25 Onnetsu Teaching, Brazil
Oct. 26-31 Onnetsu Teaching, Argentina
Nov. 01-07 Onnetsu Teaching, Chile
Nov 14-15 Onnetsu Training, NY
Dec. 5-6 Onnetsu Training, NY


Report from Cuba:

Dr Kazuko Tatsumura and Minister of Health, Cuba with and other members on first day of the First International Onnetsu Therapy Congress March 10th, 2015
Dr Tatsumura teaching to over 100 oncologists and MDs, March 9th, 2015

Recently Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura and her Onnetsu therapy received huge recognition in Cuba.

The first International Onnetsu Therapy congress was held on March 10-13, 2015 in Havana, Cuba, at the main Convention Hall in conjunction with the 5th Bionat (Convention Of Medicine of Bioenergy and Nature), sponsored by the Minister of Health, Minister of Agriculture, and Cuban Society of Bioenergy and Nature. Dr Kazuko and other MDs presented cases. The Congress opened with the speeches including the Minister of Health, Mr. Roberto Morales Ojeda. Then Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura presented in detail the theories and method of Onnetsu Therapy.  Followed by many interesting cases and findings of Onnetsu Therapy in the various hospitals in Havana.  Attendance was well over 1,500 at the main hall of Cuba’s prestigious Conference Palace and Onnetsu Therapy caused much attentions

Prior to the congress, on March 9th, Dr. Tatsumura taught over 100 Oncologists and MDs. This event was requested especially due to the fact there were very impressive Cancer cases using Onnetsu Therapy in hospital trials. There were 40 cases of cancers and 38 of them produced remarkable results. Due to this big success, Dr. Tatsumura was invited to participate in Cuba’s Next Holistic Medical Convention again. The first day of the program with some photos below.

The Tentative schedule and other conferences; Onnetsu Seminars and Lectures: This will be the same very important lecture given in Cuba to MDs and professionals, followed by her “hands on” teaching of method. Anyone is welcome.

Onnetsu Far Infra Red Thermotherapy & Training

All living beings are born with self-healing power which constantly works toward recovery from any unhealthy conditions. The key to restoring or strengthening this self-healing power is to cultivate 1) a healthy, positive state of mind, 2) blood and body fluid circulation, and 3) Ki-Life Force flow throughout our body.

According to NASA, Far Infrared is absolutely necessary and essential for the growth of healthy living cells. Amazingly, it measures to be very similar to the vibration of our healthy life force or Ki.

Far Infrared Onnetsu Thermotherapy uses a very unique handheld machine created in Japan and is based on the modern science of FIR and the ancient traditional Japanese concept that our unhealthy cells are cold due to the lack of energy. During the Onnetsu treatment, we search for and apply the machine to treat the cold parts deep inside of our body (FIR reaches 4 inches deep.) The Onnetsu thermotherapy revives the function of the Autonomic Nervous System by balancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves, promoting circulations of blood, hormone, other body fluids and Ki flow. By improving the quality of white cells, it enhances one’s immune system or the self healing power, and metabolism, strengthening one’s vitality for healthier Body & Mind. Since this therapy is based on improving one’s own healing power, it is natural and harmless and has no side effect. If practiced correctly, such unhealthy conditions will improve dramatically: pains (shoulder, back, stomach, head, knee, joints, muscle, etc…) fatigue, constipation, rheumatism, skin problems, sports Injuries, diabetes, hepatitis, kidney problem, cancer, and other difficult problems.

To practice effective Onnetsu Thermotherapy, one needs to have basic knowledge of Anatomy & Meridian. The classes will provide basic and profound knowledge and hands-on training. To help one’s family and friends, one needs to take Basic Course. To be certified, you need knowledge of the meridian, extensive hands on practice, Advanced courses Level I, II, III, IV.

To be certified as an Onnetsu practitioner, one must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Basic Anatomy & Onnetsu Basic
  2. Basic Meridian & Onnetsu Advance Level I, II, III & IV
  3. Annual Shinkiko/Okido Retreat Seminar
  4. 40 hours of apprenticeship

Onnetsu Basic – Please call for updated price
Onnetsu Advance Level I, II, III & IV – Please call for updated price

Take a look at Treatment and Product page for more information about FIR Onnetsu Therapy and machines.

Onnetsu Schedule
Classes are held monthly on the 1st weekend in NYC, place to be announced. For other cities & worldwide, please inquire at +1 212.799.9711NCCAOM CREDIT 18 points – Call for price

26th Annual Japanese Healing Retreat Okido / Shinkiko Seminar June 14-16, 2013, @ Menla, NY

Creating miracles in so many lives for so many years. Amazing int’l faculties. “…a life-changing experience” C.M.

This Seminar is for everyone. Let’s learn to live a happy and healthy life through Okido (Japanese Yoga based on Shintoism, Buddhism and other oriental disciplines) and Shinkiko (healing of mind and body with Ki–Chi). Our goal is for the participants to get a clear actual experience of the relationship between the mind and the material world, and to feel how changes in the mind DO really change our bodies and lives. This will be accomplished through lectures, exercises, treatments, harmonizing and unifying our breath, mind-consciousness and body, while experiencing and moving our Ki.

NCCAOM CREDIT. 31 points

What your experience may include:
Oriental philosophy & diagnosis, Okido Japanese integrated yoga, searching for positive aspects, special breathing exercises, eye sight improvement, meditation practice, Onnetsu Far Infra-red Therapy, Shinkiko Harmonizing: Ki fusion purification of body, mind & spirit healing through body relation points, various pain & stress relief techniques, Okido concept of food, vegetarian meals, Shinkiko for personal relationships and finances.

kiSome of the many great comments by past participants of Okido/Shinkiko Seminar:
“The Okido Shinkiko Seminar was the most enlightening experience in my life. I am eternally graceful.” —D.L.

“This workshop was a life-changing experience. I enjoyed all aspects of the teachings, healings, and the bonding with participants.” —C.M.

“An incredible experience, loving teachers and kind people…a marvelous foundation for self-discovery and empowerment” —J.G.

KANREN-BUI – Body’s Mysterious Relationship by Master Montoto

Kanrenbui is a technique which has been used in Japan since ancient time, using relation points of the body to improve our vital energy flow. Those points can be treated by adjusting of body posture and stretching movement by needle or finger press. You will experience how this ancient technique work and develop lightness and balance our body and mind in our modern daily life. This treatment improves your health, creates natural mind and connects body and mind, feeling your inner energy and life force.

You can learn the energy therapy in accordance of rules of body relation points and can apply this technique into various ailments, discomforts and illness specifically. After 25 year of experience Master Montoto is still amazed that those points can treat lots of symptoms like back lower pain, digestive problems, headache, etc. too.

Long awaited this intensive 3 day course in NYC gives you an opportunity to learn profound knowledge and practical technique to heal you and your patients.

Fernando Montoto Trained and lived with Masahiro Oki in Japan in 1983-84 and became the staff of Oki Yoga Dojo, then introduced oriental medicine technique in Latin American Countries. Currently he resides in São Paulo, Brazil, he holds training programs and provides services there also in Cuiabá (Mato Grosso) and Brusque (Santa Catarina) regularly. He has taught his technique in India, Taiwan, Japan and other countries. He is a well-known author of books in Portuguese and in English.

Japanese Traditional Hari Classes

Expand your practice into a new dimension.

Learn something you don’t learn from a normal acupuncture school.

The only certificate course of comprehensive Japanese acupuncture in NY, taught by the instructor T. Koei Kuwahara Lic. Ac.

You will learn many new aspects and approaches to healing. You’ll sharpen your intuition and learn how to develop and use mental intention to harmonize Excess and Deficiency through unique Japanese Hari methods. Also learn to identify the energy connection on body and find more effective points, specific to each individual patient. Ample seminar time is used for hands on training and feedback from Mr. Kuwahara and his assistants to produce results in your clinic. Inquire for fees and schedules. For certification, you need also Okido/Shinkiko Seminar.

What you will learn: Highlight: Intimate Hara, Six-position pulse quality DX, live points selection and location, Ki-biofeedback DX, Non-insertive Ki needle techniques, Japanese pediatric, Bloodletting and more.

Experience-centered type of Acu-education. “After taking the course with Kuwahara sensei, my treatments became much more effective. Now I use more points but fewer needles. The result is amazing.” Maria Gorens, NY L.Ac.

Prerequisite: Graduate level course of acupuncture. For those who do not have creditable Certificate in acupuncture, we offer Intensive Basic Anatomy & Basic Meridian System.

T. Koei Kuwahara is the President of the Hari Society of USA, Ass. Professor of Japanese Department, NESA. Director CULIA KI CLINIC INC. in Boston. He has taught all over the world for over 25 years and has extensive clinic experiences.

Traditional Tibetan Medical Training

Traditional Tibetan medicine approaches health in a holistic way; changing of one’s diet and lifestyle, taking of herbal medicines, balancing the body and mind, and so forth. Join us in this unique training seminar that gives you a deeper understanding of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

What you will learn: a holistic approach to health in Tibetan tradition and Buddhist philosophy of life, relationship between Mind and Body, herbal medicines, pulse examination, and more.

Dr. Tenzing Dakpa is a Tibetan medical doctor who has been helping people all over the world with his extensive knowledge and experience of traditional Tibetan Medicine. He has also written books and taught many seminars to share this ancient wisdom with people who seek a healthier way of living with body and mind in harmony. Some of his accomplishments: a resident doctor of the Nizamuddin Branch Clinic in New Delhi, India and Pokhara, Nepal. A Special Technical Assistant to the Director and a member and secretary to the High Level Tibetan Medical and Astrological Committee at Men-Tsee-Khang in Dharamsala. Resident Tibetan Health Advisor at the Medicine Buddha Healing Center in Spring Green, WI, and the Research Scholar in Alternative Medicine and an Honorary fellow of the Center for South Asia, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, and a Tibetan Medicine Program coordinator of Tibet Center, Chicago, IL.

Let’s go with Dr. Kazuko!

(programs vary each year)

In her numerous trips abroad, Dr. Kazuko sometimes allows small group of people, 6 at most, to come along. This is NOT an normal organized tour but you’ll find immeasurable benefit. She includes some sight seeing. Followings are mostly annual, please inquire for fees and dates.

To Japan: In search for holistic healing, culture and spirituality. Learn Shinto, Japanese Buddhism sightseeing Kyoto, Nara, Mt. Fuji to attend Sunrise of Compassion, and a special hot spring experience.
To Brazil: Cuiaba, San Paolo, Amazon. Learning herbs healings, visiting Jon of God. Sight seeings.
To Mexico: Ancient Aztech, Mayan culture & healing.
To India: Yoga Ashram, Buddha sights, Learn Tibetan Buddhism and Medicine. Dharamsala tor His Holiness Dalai Lama to visit, Manjushree Orphanage at remote Tibetian village – volunteer work.

You may suggest to Dr. Kazuko where you might like to go.


The purpose of this circle is to unite all of us who can send conscious compassion to others. We support members’ projects for good causes. Members receive various discounts and special invitations to events.

Crystal Member — Please call for updated price
Mandala Member — Please call for updated price
Together with 3 compassionate friends – Please call for updated price

Policy and Procedures for Payment and Refunds

Gaia Holistic Health Center offers participants an opportunity to enhance their spiritual development and physical health. We encourage participants to explore the idea that money takes the form of a potent spiritual energy called “gratitude”.

In gratitude to our participants we like to receive 20% of deposit upon application with deep gratitude from us to your interest. We ask participants to pay fees in full thirty days prior to seminar or workshop unless otherwise agreed between us. We refund money thirty days in advance of seminar with a written notice to us excluding the deposit.