Dr. Kazuko’s Terahertz + Far Infrared ONNETSU-KI and MAT (Worldwide Patented)
As a pair device Dr. Kazuko’s Terahertz + Far Infrared ONNETSU-KI and MAT are most effective and therapeutic. The mat does just about everything that Onnetsu-ki does, except finding ‘hot’ spot. ONNETSU-Ki and MAT penetrate through the spine into automatic nervous system, balancing sympathetic & parasympathetic nerves promoting immunity; your own healing power.

Dr Kazuko_typeA - TMGaia Holistic offers the following extraordinary products:

  1. Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu-ki
  2. Supplements
  3. FAR Infrared – Terahertz Products

Dr. Kazuko’s Terahertz (THz) + Far Infrared (FIR) Onetsuki-Ki and Mat

Dr. Kazuko’s Terahertz + Far Infrared Onnetsu-ki

A revolutionary, breakthrough device that helps to heal your own healing power without any side effects.

Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura has invented amazing new hand-held portable instrument called Dr. Kazuko’s Terahertz + FIR Onnetsu-ki. Dr Kazuko’s Onnetsu Therrmotherapy raises immunity and prevents and improves illness and any physical discomfort. This is the only hand held THz+FIR device in the world that can detect unhealthy spots deep inside the body and support the body’s own healing power. This simple-to-use instrument should be in every household in the world in the future for prevention of illnesses and promotion of general health.

About FIR
FIR is the ray from the Sun that is absolutely necessary and essential for our living cells. It is only 5–20 microns of wave length which is same as the Ki emitted from human body. FIR penetrates deeply into the body, corrects hormone imbalances, stimulates blood circulation, promotes organ functions, rejuvenates cells, repairs degenerated cells, facilitates elimination and promotes your immune system and smooth flow of Ki. Thus, in Japan, FIR is used very effectively for medical and therapeutic purposes, for health and well being in general.

FEATURES of Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu-ki:
Size: H 232mm x W 72mm x D 33mm
Heat Element Width 54.3 x Length 72
AC Power: Adaptable 110V to 240V, Output DC 24 V 1.5A
Heat range: 30°C – 70°C (86°F-158°F)
Special beeping (2 for 1 Second) to identifying the length of application
Surface: Terahertz, FIR (8-10µ) and other minerals.
Pearl White finish. Platinum heat surface
Manufacturer: Shinyo-elec, JAPAN

Dr. Kazuko’s THz + FIR Onnetsu-ki – $2,250 (latest upgraded version) or $1,800 (old version) Plus Shipping & Handling. CREDIT CARD ONLY! We cannot ship to certain countries. Call us to see if we can ship to your country: 212-799-9711 (USA). If you order more than 3 units, call us for a better shipping rate.

For International Customers – Product prices does not include your country’s Custom fee if any.

Dr.Kazuko’s THz + FIR Onnetsu-ki

For USA: $2250 + $36 (Shipping & Handling) = $2286
For International: $2250 + $99 (Shipping & Handling) = $2349


Dr.Kazuko’s THz + FIR Onnetsu-ki Slim (Facial)

For USA: $1260 + $36 (Shipping & Handling) = $1296
For International: $1260 + $99 (Shipping & Handling) = $1359


Learn more about Dr. Kazuko’s FIR Wave Onnetsuki

Dr. Kazuko’s THz + FIR Onnetsu Mat

matDr. Kazuko’s new THz + FIR Onnetsu Mat uses a special, patented ceramic, which emits only the most focused FIR ray (8-10 microns) and heat. As a pair device with ONNETSU-KI, it is very beneficial, gentle and comfortable, removing pain, fatigue, and daily stress. Lie down on it and make yourself comfortable, even for overnight. ONNETSU MAT penetrates through the spine into automatic nervous system, balancing sympathetic & parasympathetic nerves promoting immunity and your own healing power. Absolutely safe, with no side effects.

Far Infrared: Precise 8-10µ (+ THz and other minerals)
3 Sizes: (L) 61” x 21”, (M) 30.5” x 21”, (S) 35” x 8”
AC Power: Input AC 100V, 50/60Hz, Output DC 24 V 1.5A
Adaptable to any country for 110V to 240V
Heat Range: Lowest 42°C/107.6°F – Highest 60℃/140°F,
Time duration: 1 hour, 3 hours, 8 hours
Manufacturer: Shinyo-elec, JAPAN.

The ONNETSU Mat improves the condition of all kinds of diseases such as:
All types of pain, arthritis, asthma, bladder, blood pressure, abnormalities of bones, various cancers, cold, diabetes, digestive problems, dizziness, fibroid, hepatitis, kidney and liver problems, lime disease, parasites, Parkinson’s, stroke, thyroid problems, stress,  various women’s issues, and more.


Dr. Kazuko’s THz + FIR Onnetsu Mat – Small $900, Medium $1,260.00, Large $1,530.00 (Plus Shipping & Handling). We cannot ship to certain countries. Call us to see if we can ship to your country: 212-799-9711 (USA). If you order more than 3 units, call us for a better shipping rate.

For International Customers – Product prices does not include your country’s Custom fee if any.

Size & Shipping


product_fiberNASA announced in late 1960s that there is a small range of Sun light (5 to 25 micron of wave length) for the health of living cells and the growth of new cells. After over 10 years of research, Japanese scientists succeeded in making tangible object which constantly emits this wave length without Sun light presence by baking together more than a dozen of minerals in certain proportions. This is the Far Infra-Red Ceramic. Subsequently, using this baked ceramic as fiber thread or power, many products were produced.

Products we carry are all made of this material and patented. By putting them on, you can only realize amazing effects on your body for pain and discomfort whether knee, back or shoulder pains, or other unhealthy symptoms. Do not despair and give up! These products will help and guard you for 24/7, 365 days!

Learn more about Far Infrared

Learn more about Terahertz (site not yet created)


We have succeeded to make miracle beads which eliminates every pain spots on your body. Special product for Accupuncturist and for normal people. Try it for yourself, it is amazing!! $36 !!!

FIR Bath

Why don’t you convert your ordinary bath into a “FIR BATH”!

firforbathFIR Bath acts as both Hot Spring and Sauna! It is great for stiff shoulders or aches. It will make you feel so good!

You can enjoy the hot spring atmosphere and benefits at home! It keeps you warm hours after bathing.
This is a product that we can all recommend. We are confident that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of FIR. The bath is something that is shared by everyone in the family therefore everyone can benefit from it. It is so easy; just drop it in the tub before you fill it with hot water!

  1. Put the bags into the tub before you fill it with hot water, rather than putting it in the tub afterward. It makes a difference.
  2. While you are soaking in the bath, apply the bags where it aches or feels discomfort such as shoulders or lower back.
  3. If someone with some the ailment takes the bath, the water might be contaminated by toxic substances that have been excreted from the body.
  4. Even when a healthy person takes the bath, because the FIR hot water penetrates deep into the pores, the water afterward might be contaminated for the first several times. However, you will feel the difference on your skin; you skin would be smooth as a baby.
  5. If you suffer from rheumatism or arthritis, then massage where you feel pain or discomfort while bathing. It has been reported that FIR bath seems to help lose weight as well!

Other notable factors:

  1. Tub cleaning gets easier probably because the water molecules are broken down by the FIR bags.
  2. If you use the FIR bag while doing the laundry, it would look as if you have used bleach!

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Super Slender Series

superslenderPut the Super Slender IR bands on your body where you want to slim down. Put them on and sit back and relax. All made of Photo-Electron® FIR Fiber Materials which stimulate the water-molecule activities within your body and receive the bio-energy from the body to amplify and feed it back.

We recommend that you use lotion with natural ingredients (by promoting the perspiration). The effects may vary from person to person.

Great for pain, swelling, and fatigue.

Available in black & white.

Sizes: Waist Slender: Short-M: 9.5” x 11.8”
Waist Slender: Short-L: 11” x 11.8”
Waist Slender: Long-M: 9.5” x 16.9”
Waist Slender: Long-L: 11” x 16.9”

Prices: Waist Slender: M/L (short): Please call for updated price / (long): Contact us for pricing and info
Arm Slender: M/L (single): Please call for updated price / (a pair): Contact us for pricing and info
Leg Slender: M/L (single): Please call for updated price / (a pair): Contact us for pricing and info

Body Lotion

bodylotionThis lotion contains natural marine alga extracts and promotes perspiration. It is gentle to your skin and helps tone your body.
Contact us for pricing and info

Liners, Panties And Long Johns For Women (And Men)

LinersThese liners and long johns promote the blood circulation and hence improve your health. Available in black, white, and peach.

No-Sleeve: M/L: Contact us for pricing and info
T-Shirt: M/L: Contact us for pricing and info
Long-Sleeve: M/L: Contact us for pricing and info
Shorts: M/L: Contact us for pricing and info
Long Shorts: M/L: Contact us for pricing and info
Long Johns Bottom: M/L (long): Contact us for pricing and info
Long Johns Bottom (Double Layered): M/L: Contact us for pricing and info

Belly Band (Belly Warmer Wrap)

BellyBandIt does miracles on gastrasthenia, constipation, low-body-temperature, and lower-back-pain. It is also affective in sliming down your tummy and

Prices: M/L: Contact us for pricing and info
XL: Contact us for pricing and info

Super FIR Belt For Pelvis

FIRBeltIt is adjustable and can be put over anywhere you have a problem or want to. It comes with the FIR sheet pack. It works great on slimming down the tummy line and pushing up the buttocks too!

Super FIR Lower-Back Support Belt (M/L): Contact us for pricing and info
Super FIR Pelvis Belt (S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL): Contact us for pricing and info

Super FIR Band Series For wrist, Ankle, and Neck

BandSeriesProtecting and well-maintaining your neck is vital for your health! This neck band keeps you away from stiff-shoulders, coughing etc. and is quite effective on whiplash.

Are you suffering from charley horses or swelling? These ankle and wrist bands prevent them from occurring! They keep your limbs warm and tireless! With the ankle bands on, no matter how much you walk, you won’t get tired!

Once you starting wearing them, you will see the difference! You will feel like you have gotten rid of a heavy load. You can keep them on 24/7 and they will help you sleep like a baby!

Available in black, white, red, and blue.

Neck Band (2-inch Wide) (M/L): Contact us for pricing and info
Wrist Band & Ankle Band: Regular (3-inch Wide) (M/L/XL/XXL): Contact us for pricing and info
Wrist Band & Ankle Band: Wide (4-inch Wide) (L/XL/XXL): Contact us for pricing and info

Super FIR Power Rings

FIRPowerRingsThis is something we all love to wear! We all suffer from some sort of problem; be it chronic fatigue, sense of coldness, pains, swellings, stress, etc. and these rings can help alleviate such symptoms. Although they are small in size, they are powerfully charged with FIR and they keep fatigue, cold, and stress away from you.
There are rings for neck, wrist, ankle, arch of foot, knee, and thigh and come in S, M, L, XL. Available in black or beige base with burgundy or blue rim or no rim.

Power Ring for Neck: S/M/L/XL: Contact us for pricing and info
Power Ring for Neck-Braided: S/M/L: Contact us for pricing and info
Power Ring for Wrist: S/M/L/XL: Contact us for pricing and info
Power Ring for Ankle/Arch: S/M/L/XL: Contact us for pricing and info
Power Ring for Knee/Thigh: S/M/L/XL: Contact us for pricing and info

FIR Bands for Wrist / Ankle
Each contains 2 layers of P-Sheet. Each pack contains 2 bands. If you connect two, they can be used for neck.
H340 (M Wrist): Contact us for pricing and info
H350 (L Ankle): Contact us for pricing and info

firfacialmaskFIR Facial Mask

After removing make-up, soak the mask in water or skin lotion and apply. It is reusable so rinse it and use it over and over!
10-Sheet Pack: Contact us for pricing and info

FIR Tummy Band / Waist Supporter

Y200: S/M/L Contact us for pricing and info
Y300: XL Contact us for pricing and info

Natural Wave SP Loop Necklace

Contact us for pricing and info

FIR Socks

White for women and black/navy blue for men.

Contact us for pricing and info

FIR Pillow

(As much as 7 Bath Packs)

Contact us for pricing and info

FIR Knee and Elbow Supporters

Great for aching knees and elbows!
D130 (Elbow) M: Contact us for pricing and info
D150 (Knee) L: Contact us for pricing and info

platinuminsolePlatinum Insole

Men’s size 7-9

Contact us for pricing and info


We offer many extraordinary products for your health and well being. Some of them are not available in the US. These products are a personal recommendation of Dr. Kazuko, endorsed and proven by Okido Holistic Health Institute for years. At Gaia/Okido, we constantly check and re-check supplements on individual people. Our commitment is never to take the claims of the products for granted. We strongly believe all of us are different and react differently to everything. Our body and brain are amazing. We have an inner antennae and react positively or negatively to all things and occurrences through our touch. The science of O-Ring-Test (ORT) is incredibly precise and accurate, and we use this method in determining medicines and supplements. We test if the particular product is suitable for the person at the time, and what will be the optional dosage. What we recommend here are the products generally positive to most of people. However, we still like to examine and test individuals. If you can visit us for a consultation it would be best. Please note, prices are subject to change.

We Recommend These Extraordinary Supplements:

Hyakudoku Kudashi (HDK)

HDKGRemoving 100 Toxins from Your Body!
Hyakudoku Kudashi (HDK) which literally means “removing 100 toxins” in Japanese, is a traditional herbal medicine which has been used in Japan for about 450 years. It helps to cleanse the intestines, removing long-accumulated residues and fossilized stools from its walls. It ultimately helps to purify the blood, enhances immunity, and boosts the natural healing power because, as we say, serious illnesses often begin in the colon!

HDK GOLD is beneficial for:

  1. Acid Reflux, Headaches, Menopause, Allergies, Hemorrhoids, Water Retention
  2. Short of Breath, Hepatitis, Poor Concentration, Cellulite, High/Low Blood Pressure
  3. Poor Digestion, Cholesterol Problems, Joint Pain, Skin Problems & Wrinkles
  4. Constipation, Low Energy, Uncontrollable Weight, Gas & Bloating, Low Sex Drive
  5. Hair Loss, Memory & Mind Loss, or just to keep you young and healthful

Contact us for pricing and info

Natural Cellular Defense: Heavy Metal Cleanse

products_NCDNatural Cellular Defense is 100% natural and non-toxic and is derived from Zeolites, natural volcanic minerals with complex crystalline structure. Its honeycomb framework of cavities and channels works at the cellular level attracting heavy metals and harmful toxins. It has been clinically formulated to help support a healthy immune system, remove heavy metals and toxins, and balance your body’s pH levels.

  1. Supports a healthy immune system.
  2. Helps remove heavy metals, toxins and other substances from the body.
  3. Helps balance pH levels in the body.
  4. 100 percent natural and non-toxic.

Contact us for pricing and info

Daranisuke: For Healthy Digestive System

daranisukeDaranisuke is a traditional Japanese herbal medicine for stomach health, which first was created in 13th century by En-no-Gyoja, the first Mountain Buddhist monk. He cooked Oubaku (extract of bark of phellodendoron amurense ruprecht) and other mountain herbs while chanting mantra of Daranikyo. Daranisuke activates the movement of stomach to produce more saliva and gastric juices. Also it is effective for improvement of intestines.

•   For loss of appetite
•   Distention of stomach and intestines
•   Poor digestion
•   Overeating and overdrinking
•   Heartburn
•   Loose stool or constipation

Direction – Three times a day daily, before or between the meals (2~3 hours after a meal).

Contact us for pricing and info

Chinese Cilantro: Natural Detox Herb for Heavy Metals

Effective in removing harmful heavy metals including mercury, lead, and arsenic, that are contained in our food, drinks, and living environment.

  1. It helps eliminate heavy metals and toxins
  2. Concentrated as dietary supplement, this is much more effective than eating raw cilantro.
  3. Effective for the following conditions; Alzheimer, autism, high blood pressure, over eating, cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, heart problems, insomnia, joint pains, Parkinson disease, rheumatism, etc.

Contact us for pricing and info

Shegoi: Skin & Dietary Products

Shegoi products are made with the Larrea tridentata plant, which is a powerful natural form of anti-inflammatory which has been used by Native Americans for centuries. Virtually everyone is said to have at least one or more herpes viruses which damages the tissues and organs. Shegoi is powerful protection against many strains of herpes virus and helps build your immune system while supporting joint and skin health.

Contact us for pricing and info

Healing Lotion

This powerful lotion with Larrea plant can be applied to the skin to heal herpes related sores or lesions. The Larrea plant also has a powerful anti-inflammatory properties which makes Shegoi an effective anti-inflammatory cure against eczema, allergies, and a number of skin conditions, and joint pains.

Contact us for pricing and info

Shegoi Penetrating Spray

This soothing spray is a powerful anti-inflammatory, useful to cover large areas of unbroken skin, for joint and muscles pains. It contains natural rosemary oil which has historically been used to sooth the body and mind. The spray has helped many customers with shingles and other herpes eruptions.

Contact us for pricing and info

Shegoi Dietary Supplements

This dietary supplement contains a pure, safe and consistent extract of the Larrea plant combined with the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C in a vegetarian capsule.

Contact us for pricing and info

AmylobanR 3399 from Lion’s Mane

AmylobanRA Major Breakthrough In Brain Function & Memory Support* (Tablets)
Amyloid beta peptide is a protein that may accumulate between the nerve cells (neurons) in the brain as we age. AmylobanR 3399 contains a proprietary extract from Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceum) shown to support the survival of nerve cells in the presence of toxic amyloid beta peptide (Japanese patent 394,3399, US patent pending).* It also contains other active compounds (hericenones) from Lion’s Mane that can stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain.* AmylobanR 3399 was developed by the Mushroom Wisdom research team in collaboration with leading university researchers in Japan and China.

Contact us for pricing and info

Manda: Powerful Natural Enzyme for Your Health

manda_img02Manda is a natural super food with powerful live enzymes of more than 50 organic ingredients including fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, seeds, grains, legumes and herbal plants fermented together in a traditional Japanese way. Naturally, no heat, water, additives, preservatives are added. They are delicious.

Manda Paste Regular– aged over 3.5 yrs
Manda Paste Hi – aged over 5 yrs
Manda Gold– aged over 18 yrs
Manda Slim– Manda Paste Regular plus slimming herbs to reduce fat naturally
Manda Pellets– aged over 3.5 yrs, coated with delicious cocoa

  1. Provides all daily nutrition
  2. Supports a healthy digestive system
  3. Provides energy on cellular level
  4. Helps repair tissues, organs, and cells
  5. Helps activate the brain

Contact us for pricing and info

Agari Gold: Powerful Healing Mushroom

Agari Gold is an extraordinary product made of organic H1X1 hybrid Agaricus mushroom extract, Sasa Bamboo leaf extrac from Hokkaido island of Japan which is a powerful antioxidant and natural preservative, and purified mountain spring water, which contains powerful active nutrients such as 18 amino acids, 14 essential minerals, 46 enzymes, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, ergosterol, biotin, inositol, choline, and essential fatty acids.

H1X1 is an enhanced form of a mushroom called Agaricus Blazei which is known as “the king of mushrooms” or “the mushroom of life”. Scientists developed a more potent mushroom than the one originating in Brazil by combining the original with another potent Agaricus.

  1. Promotes energy and overall health and well-being immediately.
  2. Plays a role in immune system modulation.
  3. Supports Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity.
  4. Nourishes the digestive system.
  5. Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
  6. Supports normal blood sugar levels.
  7. Protects against free radical damage.

Contact us for pricing and info

BRM: The Best Probiotic for Your Health!

The most powerful and unique probiotic available in the market today! This product consists of purely cultured, heat-treated and revitalized BRM Enterococcus Faecalis EC-12. One serving contains more than 6 trillion of this beneficial bacterium which is necessary for our intestinal health.

  1. Helps support the immune system and white blood functions.
  2. Helps neutralize the condition of intestines, reducing the number of external and internal harmful substances and bacteria.
  3. Helps to prevent and reduce carcinogen and bacterial toxin.
  4. Helps to prevent diarrhea, constipation, liver problems, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, cancer, autoimmune disease, etc.

Contact us for pricing and info

Renge: For Eternal Youth and Beauty

rengeRenge contains Pueraria Mirifica (Leguminosae), which has traditionally been used in Thailand and Burma for rejuvenation in folk medicine. It is believed to support memory, and make the skin smooth like six year old child, and support longevity. The Japanese have improved it’s effectiveness and safety.

  1. It removes wrinkles, spots, and makes the skin smooth and clear, like a 6 year old.
  2. It makes the breast larger.
  3. It helps maintain the health of blood veins and bones.
  4. It helps make the hair healthy.
  5. It reverses aging dramatically.

Contact us for pricing and info

Essential Daily Nutrient: Power Juice for Health

Essential Daily Nutrients is a complete super nutrient liquid supplement to help replenish your body’s cells, tissues and organs, fight free radicals and help repair oxidation damage. It is made with Goji, Acai, and other exotic fruits, Red Korean Gingseng, Maitake Mushroom, Green Tea with high potency vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and herbs, which provides the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of naturally derived vitamins A, B, C, D and E, mineral chromium, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and zinc as well as mineral boost from calcium, potassium, magnesium and a blend of 60 other trace minerals found in Tahitian sea salt. Essential Daily Nutrients is your complete 5-in-1 liquid supplement.

  1. It’s your daily vitamin product
  2. It’s your daily mineral product
  3. It’s your daily polyphenol product (super-charged antioxidant)
  4. It’s your daily herbal product
  5. It’s your daily whole-food fruit product

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Vision Defense 14: To Restore Good Eye Sights

Vision Defense 14 contains lutein, zeaxanthin and bilberry combined with 11 other key eye nourishing antiosicant nutrients necessary for optimal eye health. Vision Defense 14 will help prevent vision problems that are caused by aging, free radical exposure, eye strain, UV rays, etc.

  1. Promotes visual acuity
  2. Helps support macula and retina health
  3. Contains more than the clinically recommended levels of lutein which may help protect against age-related vision problems.
  4. Contains more lutein than most leading eye health formulas and multivitamins.
  5. Contains potent antioxidants which can help protect the eyes from the effects of free radical damage.

Contact us for pricing and info

Memory Formula Plus: For Mental Heatlth

Memory Formula Plus is a helpful combination of advanced brain-boosting nutrients, select vitamins and minerals, protective antioxidants and botanical extracts combined to enhance the brain function which tends to be forgetful or absent-minded as we age.

  1. Enhances short- and long-term memory
  2. Promotes sharp mental focus and concentration
  3. Supports mental energy
  4. Supports healthy blood circulation and antioxidant activity in the brain.

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Essential Heart Complex: For the Healthy Heart

Essential Heart Complex is formulated with the safest and most efficacious ingredients to protect and promote cardiovascular system. It helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by targeting the source of the problem-blocked arteries, abnormal heart rhythm, inflammation and more.

  1. Supports the health of heart muscles and blood vessels.
  2. Promotes healthy blood flow and oxygen supply.
  3. Potent antioxidants protect the cell membrane in the heart from oxidation and free radical damage.

Contact us for pricing and info

Fast 2 Sleep

Fast 2 Sleep sleep strips are naturally blended with melatonin, piper methysticum, and huperzia serreta, etc, and help your body to fall asleep faster and enjoy a more restful, deeper sleep. It is fast-acting and non-habit forming.

  1. Helps you fall asleep quicker.
  2. Promotes natural sleep patterns.
  3. Resets timing of your cells.
  4. Helps to stay asleep.

Contact us for pricing and info

Ai (Indigo Plant)

aiAi (Indigo Plant) helps to energize your heart and your general immune system.

Ingredients: Indigo plant, Powder reduction malt, Unbaked shell Calcium and Emulsifier.

120 pills/bottle Take 2 ~ 4 pills/day

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shegoiAmerican Indians (mainly Hopi, Navaho) use Shegoi as a medicine for everything! Made from the Larrea plant, and especially effective for allergies, Herpies, Lime Diseases, Skin Problems, etc.

Comes in tablets, cream, and spray.

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epa-alphaThis product is specially formulated for cancer patients from Japan.

Omega-3 fatty acids – which are primarily derived from fish oil – help maintain triglyceride and cholesterol levels when already in normal range and are considered one of the “good fats” essential for good cellular, heart and metabolic health. Consumption of EPA, DHA and omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

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Bitter Melon Products

bittermelonproductsWhy do we recommend that an average adult take 30 grams of raw bitter melon powder (Momordica Charanite)?

More than 60% of the U.S. adult population has Chlamydia Trachomatis infection, but very few people who are infected know that they are infected. Bitter melon reduces cancer telomere to close to 0 while increasing regular telomea to over 500mg. Bitter Melon reduces the chance of transmitting Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection by air. Continuous intake of the bitter melon also improves diabetes with hyperglycemia due to diabetes. Also bitter melon improves the circulation of the brain, heart, and rest of the body, which help to excrete bacteria and viruses into the urine.

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Chinese-Japanese Cilantro

chinesejapanesecilantroChinese-Japanese Cilantro is very effective in removing harmful heavy metals including mercury, lead and arsenic that are present in our food, drinks and living environment.

Ingredients: Powder reduction malt, Sugar starch syrup, Chinese cilantro and Emulsifier.

120 pills/bottle Take 2 ~ 4 pills/day

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Ocean Matrix (100% Pure Shark Cartilage)


Ocean Matrix is produced using patented processing methods developed to protect the natural qualities that support general health of bone and joints; it works for joint problems, arthritis, Bone Cancer. Shark cartilage matrix dietary supplement is a natural source of Calcium, Chondritin Sulfate C (non-bovine), Glycosaminoglycans and Hyaluronic Acid, Gelatin cover.

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calmaxCalMax supplies all your mineral needs with magnesium and Vitamin C, which is an ideal combination. It uses only the highest quality ingredients in its formulation. CalMax uses a unique powdered blend of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C in ratio of 2:1:1. It help to calm hypertension and nerves, and avoid charley horses. This blend also includes citric acid and lemon juice powder for absorption and flavor.

How do you take it? First, add a heaping tsp. of the powder to a cup. (Use a regular spoon, not a measuring spoon.) Fill the cup halfway with hot water, or boiling water, which is preferable. The liquid will begin to fizz. Stir until the liquid begins to clear. Then fill the cup with cold water to make a warm drink. Take it up to 3 times a day. It’s especially beneficial before sleeping.

Contact us for pricing and info

Brain Assist

1Brain Assist is good for:
Forgetfulness, Sharpness of Mind, Insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety, restfulness, hypertension, blood health, difficulty seeing in dark places, and difficulty hearing.

So if you are someone who uses the brain much; who has been forgetful lately; who wants to make their old age energetically and lively; who wants to live long without getting senile; who has lost their drive for doing things; who can’t sleep well; or who can’t see things well in the dark lately, then we recommend you take Brain Assist!

It has been considered that substances called ginkgolide, flavonoids (both found in ginkgo biloba) and crocin (found in pistils of Saffron Crocus (Crocus Sativus)) are great in:

2Saffron Pistil: One bottle of Brain Assist contains 6g of saffron pistil powder which is an equivalent of 2800 pistils. Saffron is a noble flower that has been valued highly as medicinal since BC. “Crocin” found in saffron has been known to help improve memory power of our brain.

Ginkgo Biloba: One bottle of Brain Assist contains 3g of ginkgo biloba extract that consists of 24% flavonoid, 6% ginkgolide, and contains less than 1ppm of ginkgolic acid. Thirteen kinds of “flavonoids” are contained in the ginkgo biloba extract. Ginkgo is the oldest tree species in the world with strong life force.

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