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A series of nine books on health and spirituality are being written by various authors and Dr. Kazuko translated and published by KOKORO Publishing.

The series includes the following titles (subject to change & tentative):

Overcoming-CancerOvercoming Cancer and Other Difficult Diseases in a Holistic Way, by Tomeko Mitsui & Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer(published in 2003, second edition in 2007)

Overcoming Cancer and Other Diseases in Holistic Way is a theory of Far Infrared Onnetsu Therapy, which incorporates concept of traditional Japanese medicine in combination with the cutting edge Japanese Far Infrared Technology. Onnetsu Method was developed by and Onnetsuki was invented by the late Tomeko Mitsui from Japan who was a great Oriental Medicine practitioner. Mitsui and Dr.Tatsumura worked on the book with an intention to introduce this new holistic theory of health to the reader with practical information. It is designed to give the reader understanding of holistic approach to health in general as well as detailed instruction of how to apply Onnetsuki, a hand-held Far Infrared machine, in order to treat certain physical conditions in a practical way. There should be one Onnetsuki in each household to take care of most of discomfort. This is a book to get if you are buying an Onnetsuki machine.

Immune-RevolutionYour Immune Revolution and Healing Your Healing Power, by Toru Abo & Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer (published in 2007) (Also available in Spanish)

In Japan, “Your Immune Revolution” by Dr. Toru Abo has been a long-term best-selling book. Now it’s available in English! It’s an eye-opening and inspiring book which reveals the common dangers in practice of conventional medicine, written by a renowned medical doctor and one of the most important authorities of immunology in the world. Abo discusses the mechanism of immune system in general to restore health and also in recovering from cancer and other difficult diseases. This English version also includes additional chapter “Healing Your Healing Power” written by Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer, PhD, the translator of the book. She introduces some holistic concepts and practical methods to enhance immunity based on Dr. Abo’s theory, emphasizing that anyone can heal themselves.

Deep-BreathDeep Breath Changes Your Body and Mind/Spirit, by Osamu Tatsumura (published in 2008)

Deep Breath Changes the Body and Mind / Spirit is an easy-to-follow exercise book with tremendous insights and practical exercises to help you breathe better for a better health. A lack of breath, or a lack of the right kind of breath, can cause many of the problems we face today. In this book, the author explores the importance of breath for our physical and mental health, sharing a variety of unique breathing techniques, both traditional and innovative, that are practical and give immediate results in solving stress, sleeping problems, over-weight, other health problems, etc.

The-Joy-of-YogaJoy of Yoga, Okido Japanese Yoga, by Masahiro Oki & Kazuko Tatsumura

Yoga is the most effective method for beauty and health. Yoga can fix most of our emotional and physical problems.It can even make your wishes come true. Yoga is not only physical exercise but also the way to the true happiness in mind.

KanrenbuKanrenbui The Mystery of the Body’s Relationship, by Fernando & Paula Montoto

With a dedicated and conscious practice, one can provide therapy without side effects and with excellent results to several people suffering some type of imbalance or health deficiency. Kanrenbui is a very beneficial technique for human balance. Treatment should be done not through symptoms, but through strengthening the tanden- the physical and energy center of the body- leading the person to develop harmony of the body and mind. It is therefore a more holistic treatment.Karenbui is a study with records in oriental medicine, developed and expanded in Japan. Up until today, the study of Karenbui is passed on from father to son, from teacher to student, from generation to generation, as is typical of ancient traditions.


Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura has written numerous articles. The followings are some of titles. Please inquire if you are interested.