Technological Breakthrough Helping your own healing power without any side effect.
The Applicability of Far Infrared (FIR) + Terahertz (THz) + Heat. Combination of Quantum vibrations of FIR + THz

USA patent # 10245444 and rest of the world patent pending.

Terahertz from our deep Earth Planet:
Terahertz is extracted from active volcano rocks, just like gold or diamonds.
Everything on this planet carries vibrations including our body. Application of Onnetsu-ki to our body activates deep cells and vibrates water molecules. The Cold unhealthy cells start healing rejuvenating and reviving.

Far Infrared Ray of 8-10µ from Sun light:
All living beings need Water, Air, Food and Sunlight. According to NASA, out of vast range of Solar Energy, only the narrow spectrum of 5-25µ helps to grow and heal. Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu therapy is based on this NASA’s finding of FIR but further narrowing down to 8-10µ for its effectiveness. Far infrared rays are indispensable for maintaining life in healing, rejuvenating. By combining with Terahertz, Far infrared waves penetrates to deeper cell levels of the body and can make the healing faster and more effective.

This Remarkable Dr Kazuko’s Onnetsu Thermotherapy (Comfortable Heat) is based on Five (5) Historical Concepts and Scientific Truths intertwined with each other;

  1. Vibrations of Terahertz from deep Earth Planet and Far Infrared.
  2. Far Infrared Healing Vibration from the Sun: NASA’s findings and technology.
  3. Body Temperature: traditional Japanese Modality of MOXIBUSTION. Concept of maintaining body temperature 37°C (98.6°F).
  4. Balance: Autonomic Nervous System promoting immunity boosting one’s healing power. Modern medical science of immunology.
  5. Three smooth flows of energy in the body: blood, lymph and Ki (Chi) flows, promoted by Acupuncture theory of Yin and Yang balance, and 5 element theories of relationship of organs.

Because Onnetsu Thermotherapy heals one’s own healing power naturally, it is beneficial in all diseases and chronic health problems without side effects what so ever. Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura’s newly invented Onnetsu-KI and Onnetsu MAT assists in attaining ultimate Health. Some professionals, Doctors, MDs, Acupuncturists and Professional Health Practitioners are taking therapy courses with Dr. Kazuko and finding extraordinary results.



If practiced correctly, such unhealthy conditions will improve dramatically:

  1. Organ function & illnesses: For example, Arthritis, Blood / Lymph circulation, Cold, Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney problems, and many more (see bottom of page for full list)
  2. Immune enhancement via the Autonomic Nervous System
  3. Physical & mental energy
  4. Detoxification of heavy metals, drugs and other toxins
  5. Any physical discomforts
  6. Aches, pains and stresses
  7. Natural weight loss
  8. Reviving youthfulness



Far Infrared Onnetsu Thernotherapy is based on the modern science of Far Infra-Red discovered by NASA and the ancient traditional Japanese Moxibustion concept that unhealthy cells are cold and lack energy. ONNETSU thermotherapy searches for those cold spots deep inside of our body and apply the Far Infrared Sun Ray with proper heat, using the theories of Acupuncture & Moxibustion. FIR reaches 10 inches deep.


The Onnetsu Thermotherapy revives the function of Autonomic Nervous Systems by balancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves, promotes circulations of blood, hormone, other body fluids, and Ki flow. It improves the quality of white cells and raises one’s immunity. As a result, it heightens the self healing power, strengthens one’s vitality for healthier Body & Mind. It is completely natural and harmless. There is no side effect. You will find yourself that all unhealthy conditions will improve. Also it is ideal for use of facial and body treatments.

Sliding the Onnetsu ki on surface of the skin usually is comfortable, but there are spots you feel very hot. When we find this “Hot spot” which is cold spot, it means we have located the unhealthy cold cells inside body. We treat this spot and eventually it becomes not hot and the health starts improving.


Comments from doctors who use Onnetsu Thermotherapy:

“I’m an orthopedic Surgeon. I’ve used infrared therapy before; but not as Dr. Kazuko teaches; The hand adapter for the application of the Far Infrared wave, created by Dr Kazuko with the combination of acupuncture sites, and the modification of Moxibustion that Dr. Kazuko uses, is not only effective, but easy to treat many different diseases; The results are evident after a short time and there is no invasive aspect that can be detrimental; I’ve used it on my patients with shoulder, cervical arthritis, knee injuries, all without medication in the majority of cases. I want to thank Dr Kazuko for her introduction of her technique.”
Dr. Stephen Joel Weiss, M.D.

“I have been utilizing this Onnetsu technology on my patients. To my amazement, the results have been extraordinary. There has been continuous positive feedback from all my patients that I have treated with Onnetsu, and I am very grateful for having the opportunity of having studied with you, the foremost authority on this amazing healing modality.”
Dr. Carol S. Kessler, PhD, LAc, MS, LMT

“Onnetsu Therapy is an extraordinary contribution to the world of natural healing and Dr. Kazuko is the foremost authority in this field. I would recommend studying and incorporating this modality to all healthcare practitioners who are desirous of enhancing their lives and the lives of their patient.”
Dr. Barry M. Mark, DDS, LAc, CAc, Hom



A revolutionary, breakthrough device that helps to heal
your own healing power without any side effects.

This remarkable device should be in each family for improving any health problem and keeping loved ones healthy.




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