Upcoming 25th Anniversary Okido / Shinkiko Annual International Retreat Seminar

March 22nd, 2013 by admin

The best get away you ever did in your life!! “This workshop was a life changing experience! …” Okido Yoga & Shinkiko Seminar

Phoenicia, NY: May 28, 29 & 30, 2011
Lecture Demo in NYC: May 27
Ki, Japanese  Healing Wisdom for Your Physical & Spiritual Health
NCCAOM Credit PDA Point 31
With amazing teachers from Japan & Brazil

Osamu Tatsumura, Masato Nakagawa, Koei Kuwahara Fernando Montoto, Kazuko Tatsumura, Masumi Takahashi

This Seminar is for everyone. Let’s learn to live a happy and healthy life through Okido (Japanese Yoga based on Shintoism, Buddhism and other oriental disciplines) and Shinkiko (healing of mind and body with ki). Our goal is for the participants to get a clear experience of the relationship between the mind and the material world, and to feel how a change in the mind-heart really does change our bodies and lives. This will be accomplished through lectures, exercises, treatments, harmonizing and unifying our breath, body, mind-consciousness, while experiencing and moving our Ki.


What we learn at the seminar may include:

  • Oriental philosophy & diagnosis
  • Okido Yoga
  • Shinkiko energy harmonizing for health, happiness, relationship and money
  • Detox and purification of body, mind & spirit
  • Tai Ch and Chigong
  • Healing through body relation points and Okido corrective exercise
  • Onnetsu Far-infrared healing
  • Eye sight improvement
  • Various pain & stress relief techniques
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Okido concept of food Yin and Yan balance

And much more.


Who should attend:

The seminar is designed so that participants will experience the organic way of life in accordance with the Law of Nature. The program is for all types of people, Practitioners of conventional and holistic medicine will find that the most basic elements of healing they experience here will improve & sharpen their intuition and compassion or may even change their outlook on practice. Participants with illness may find the inspiration and direction to healing and find improvement in their condition. Ordinary people will find how to cope with and improve daily stress of work, money, health, and relationship with others. Everyone is sure to find clues and inspiration for happy and healthy life that supports peach and harmony.


Voices of the Past Participants:

“The Okido/Shinkiko Seminar was the most enlightening experience in my life. I am eternally grateful.” – D.L.

“This workshop was a life-changing experience. I enjoyed all aspects of the teachings, the healings, and the bonding with students/participants.” – C.M.

“This was an incredible experience in union, kindred people and loving teachers… a marvelous foundation for self-discovery and empowerment.” – J.G.

“It is said the spirit does not rest on the mind; the spirit rests on the heart. My heart is very full; full of spirit, full of gratitude, full of love, full of peace. I felt this way very rarely. If only I can hold this moment forever.” – R.O.

“This weekend was full of many different learning, feelings and experiences. So many, that I feel I have gone on a long magical journey with many people traveling along having all different wonderful feelings and experiences.” – A.S.

“The chi that I felt from the Shinkiko was something I probably never experienced before.” – A.Z.


Instructors (subject to change)

Osamu Tatsumura (Seminar Leader) is a world renowned holistic health instructor and Okido teacher. In 1971 he began training under Master Oki, later was a leading instructor. After the passing of Master Oki in 1985, he became the Director of Okido Headquarters. In 1994, he established the Gudo Yoga Center to pursue the practice of Yoga and Philosophy for peace. He is a senior instructor of Shinkiko and also the Director of the International Yoga Institute.

Masato Nakagawa is the leader of Shinkiko. His father was the famous Shinkiko founder. After graduating from Hokkaido University in Engineering, he worked for 10 years in a major electronics manufacturer in new product development. He also showed great talent in healing. Since his father’s passing in 1995, he became the Chairman of the SAS International Ki Science Association and is continuing to spread the wisdom of Shinkiko worldwide.

Koei Kuwahara is a visiting professor at the New England School of Acupuncture. He has been teaching throughout the United States for over 12 years. After graduating from the Tokyo Therapeutic Institute, he was an apprentice for 5 years under the late Kodo Fukushima, the founder of the Toyo Hari Association. In 1991, he began to study Shinkiko with Dr. Nakagawa. He is a leading teacher in Shinkiko and a leading member of the Toyo Hari Acupuncture Association.

Fernando Montoto began to study Yoga, nutrition and Oriental Medicine in 1979 with Dr. Celso Viera, an early student of Master Oki. Then, he studied with Master Oki, and taught in New York and San Francisco. In 1986, he returned to Brazil to establish an Okido Center. He continues to teach in Japan, India, Europe and the USA. He has established Okido centers all over South America.

Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer, PhD, was an international impresario for 24 years, promoting cultural exchange throughout the world. In 1992, she left this field to pursue her lifetime goal of healing. She is a Shinkiko healer, Okido yoga teacher, founder and director of the Okido Holistic Health Center and the GAIA Center for Holistic Health in New York City. She was recently awarded the 2003 Physician of the Year by the United States Congress National Republican Committee.


More Details

Annual Japanese Healing Retreat

When & Where: Fri., May 27, 6 – 9pm NYC Class Sat. May 28, 10am – Mon. May 30, 1pm
MENLA Tibet House Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY (845) 688-6897
Drive: NYS Thruway 87 Exit 19 to Rt 28 West (118 m) Left to Woodland valley Rd – Right to Tenderkill Rd
Bus: Port Authority 7am – Phoenicia 9:54am

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothes, sneaker, jacket/sweater and notebook

FEE: $720 (27 hours seminar + hotel & meals $225) $630 only If registered by deposit $100 before Mar 31. Single Room Occupancy additional $270. Fees refundable before 60 days.