What is Far Infrared?

Far Infrared – a gift from the Universe – a vital healing ray for life

Far Infrared Onnetsu Therapy has been acknowledged for its amazing results in Japan, United States, Europe, and South America. Benefits are Reduction of Stress, All kinds of Pain Relief (shoulder ache, backache, stomachache, headache, knee pain, joints pain, muscle pain, etc…), Recovery from Chronicle Fatigue, Constipation, Rheumatism, and Problems of Skins, Sports Injuries, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Kidney Problem, Cancer, etc, etc,

According to NASA, Far Infrared is absolutely necessary and essential for the growth of healthy living cells. It is the vital ray from the Universe for life and healing. Amazingly, the Far Infrared (5~25 microns, or even 8~14 infrared spectrums of the Sun) is very similar to the vibration of our healthy life force Ki.


All living beings are born with self-healing power which is constantly working on recovering from any unhealthy conditions. As long as we are alive, this self-healing power strives to naturally heal fatigue, injuries and any diseases as much as it can.

The key to restore or strengthen this self-healing power is to cultivate:
1) a healthy, positive state of mind
2) blood and body fluid circulation
3) Ki-Life force flow throughout our body.

Far Infrared Onnetsu Therapy is based on the modern science of Far Infra-Red and the ancient traditional Japanese concept that unhealthy cells are cold due to the lack of energy. During the ONNETSU treatment, we search for those cold parts deep inside of our body and apply the Far Infrared vibration with proper heat until it reaches the core, and warms up (FIR reaches 4 inches deep.)

The Onnetssu Treatment revives the function of Autonomic Nervous System by balancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves, promotes circulations of blood, hormone, other body fluids, and Ki flow. It improves the quality of white cells and raises one’s immune system. As a result, it heightens the self healing power and produces metabolism, strengthens one’s vitality for healthier Body & Mind. Since this therapy is based on improving one’s own healing power, it is completely natural and harmless. There is no side effect. You will find all unhealthy conditions will improve.


Benefits of Far Infrared


  • Speeds up repair of body tissues and cells
  • Reduces muscle spasms and pain while penetrating and warming deep muscle tissue
  • Promotes functions of inner organs
  • Facilitates elimination of waste matter chemicals and toxins
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow
  • Stimulates enzyme activity
  • Attracts calcium ions to the cellular level
  • Balances acid level in our body
  • Balances Hormones and body fluids
  • Eases mental stress and many forms of pain


About Far-Infrared Onnetsu Therapy

Mitsui’s Onnetsu therapy is a marriage between ancient Japanese theory of healing and this newest scientific technology of FIR. Ancient traditional Japanese theory states that degenerated, diseased or inactive cells or tissues are lacking energy (or heat) and are therefore cold. This coldness shows up on the surface of skin above. In Japan, historically we had various techniques to provide heat to these areas, such as MOXA, heated herbal extracts and mustard applications.

Dr. Mitsui combined this traditional Japanese healing modality with newly conceived FIR ceramic heat elements and invented a device called ENSEKIGAISEN ONNETSUKI. It is the only hand–held device in the world that effectively uses this precise focused range of FIR. This remarkable small tool finds not only these damaged spots deep inside our body but also provides the healing energy of FIR, rejuvenating cells, and promoting blood circulation and Ki flow. By moving Onnetsuki over the body, the patient experiences some areas as “HOT” because the skin there is cold and the sensation manifests as HOT. In the case of cancer, cells are extremely cold and the patient may even feel pain. By applying Onnetsuki onto these areas repeatedly, the FIR energy goes deep inside the body (4–5 inches deep) giving FIR energy to these cells and tissues. When the heat reaches and warms up the cells, those areas no longer feel hot and healing starts.


Far-Infrared and Ki Synergy


Ki (chi) is the vital life force energy within and around us. It exists but is invisible. Ki energy in humans moves like light and electricity with a wave length of 5-25 microns, amazingly similar as the wave length of FIR. Thus, FIR is easily absorbed and penetrates deep into the body and vibrates fluid, blood, organs, tissues and cells. Within your body, FIR and Ki resonate and synchronize at the cellular level, harmonizing Ki energy flow and increasing the cells ability to repair regenerate and rejuvenate themselves.