Harnessing the power of Far
Infrared therapy

All living beings are born with self-healing power which constantly works toward recovery from any unhealthy conditions. The key to restoring or strengthening this self-healing power is to cultivate 1) a healthy, positive state of mind, 2) blood and body fluid circulation, and 3) Ki-Life Force flow throughout our body.

According to NASA, Far Infrared (5~25 microns, or even 8~14 of the sun infrared spectrums) is absolutely necessary and essential for the growth of healthy living cells. Amazingly, it measures to be very similar to the vibration of our healthy life force or Ki.

ifrared_manFar Infrared Onnetsu Therapy uses a very unique handheld machine created in Japan and is based on the modern science of FIR and the ancient traditional Japanese concept that our unhealthy cells are cold due to the lack of energy. During the Onnetsu treatment, we search for and apply the machine to treat the cold parts deep inside of our body (FIR reaches 4 inches deep.) The Onnetsu treatment revives the function of the Autonomic Nervous System by balancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves, promoting circulations of blood, hormone, other body fluids and Ki flow. By improving the quality of white cells, it enhances one’s immune system or the self healing power, and metabolism, strengthening one’s vitality for healthier Body & Mind. Since this therapy is based on improving one’s own healing power, it is natural and harmless and has no side effect.

After helping over 15,000 people with various physical and mental problems through Far Infra-red (FIR) Onnetsu Therapy, Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura has invented amazing new hand-held portable Far infrared instrument called Dr. Kazuko’s FIR Onnetsuki. Far Infa-Red Onnetsu Therapy raises immunity and prevents and improves illness and any physical discomfort. This is the only hand held FIR device in the world that can detect unhealthy spots deep inside the body and support the body’s own healing power. This simple-to-use instrument should be in every household in the world in the future for prevention of illnesses and promotion of general health.